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D3 Guard Tour is a real-time physical security software technology designed to manage officer presence and capture all of the data generated from day to day security operations. That data is then used to identify incident hotspots, allocate resources effectively, manage assets and facilities. Aimed at optimizing physical security operations, the system ensures security coverage and enables accountability.

D3 Guard Tour is device independent, allowing for integration of RFID technology, or other legacy systems. As with all of D3’s product modules it is fully integrated with the D3 system. The data gathered is synchronized with D3 suite of product modules and made available to decision-makers in the form of managerial reports.

The easy-to-use software also includes a drag and drop style guard scheduling application called Visual Roster, suitable for the largest security operations. This allows management to schedule employees, assign routes and track staff effectiveness through coverage reports. The user-friendly interface lets Managers and Supervisors create and edit master and daily rosters. Front line staff are able to input self-initiated activities, providing a summary of each guard's daily duty.

Features & Benefits

  • Pin-Mapping – Map based, real-time incident and patrol tracking and analysis
  • Geofencing – Geographic boundaries to monitor officer presence
  • Visual Roster – Full featured security staff scheduling program
  • Coverage Reports – Generate coverage and analysis reports
  • Administration Application – Easily manage and customize all aspects of the system
  • Web Based – Secure and accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • 3rd Party Integration – Fully integrates with 3rd party RFID technology