Investigation / Case Management

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The D3 Investigation / Case Management product module is a web based solution providing leading case management and collaboration features to ensure accountability, increase the effectiveness of investigations and generally streamline management and resolution of incidents and investigations.

D3's industry leading configurability and information access controls incorporate site, group and role based access, making the easy-to-use system ideal for multi property, multi departmental needs. All stakeholders access a single online location for records associated with an investigation or case.

Leveraging custom forms, workflows and notifications through D3’s administration tool, the investigation / case management process is set up to match organizations existing processes and requirements. This ensures activities are compliant with company policy. As processes and policies evolve they are updated from a single location for the entire organization.

Organization wide, custom analysis reports, key performance indicators and analytics provide insight into all aspects of the investigation / case management process.

Features & Benefits

  • Web Based - Secure and accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Task Assignment - Assign tasks, deadlines and reminders to individuals for assignments and incident investigations, e.g. review CCTV footage.
  • Workflow and Notifications – Incident investigations are automatically assigned to the appropriate individuals depending on incident type, time of day, priority, time, status or custom criteria.
  • Case Folders - Keep all associated items in a virtual folder, providing collaborative case management between facilities and departments for increased efficiency and data integrity, Lining related Incident reports, associated tasks and activities.
  • Built in Search Engine - Incorporates advanced information access controls and search filters
  • Industry Compliant – Compliant with SOX, HIPAA, FCBA, Clery Act, and many more
  • Time Tracking Tool – build investigator forms and workflows which fit your investigative practices and record time spent on investigative tasks
  • Built in Link Analysis – provides a clear view of the relationships that exist between People, Incidents, Organizations and Objects
  • History - Records each activity performed on a record and retains a snapshot of each version